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New Point Comfort Lighthouse

New Point Comfort Lighthouse Keepers

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There were at least 21 official resident keepers at New Point Comfort Light Station. The first keeper appointed by President Thomas Jefferson was the lighthouse's builder, Elzy Burroughs. Retaining ownership of the land bordering the station, Burroughs had built a home for himself and his family on the Point during the stations construction so it was convenient for him to keep the light until the keeper's dwelling was completed. In fact, he continued as keeper for the following decade.
New Point Comfort is remarkable in that two keepers there were black. One was an unofficial assistant to Isaac Foster, described in 1852 as a negro woman, probably a slave; the other, a preacher, J. McHenry Farley, who served from 1871 to 1873. Citing the isolation of his post and the difficulty in obtaining supplies, Farley pleaded with the U. S. Light-House Board for an assistant, but no assistant was ever assigned to this station. {Clifford report}


Elzy Burroughs
Robert Lithburn
James B. H. Johnson
 William Johnson
 William R. Brownley
 Isaac Foster
 1854 (Revoked)
 James B. White
 Edward S. White
 No Keeper
 Joseph S. Allen
 Sylvester H. Wolhiser
 J. McHenry Farley
 John D. Hudgins
 Leonard Smithers
 A. F. Hudgins
 William F. Ripley
 C. W. Forrest
 Oliver R. Hudgins
 James B. Hurst
 Richard W. Marchant
 1906-1915 or 1916
 Wesley F. Ripley
 1916 or 1917-1919
 Edward A. Sibley
 Henry L. Dow